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J​.​A​.​W. of Life

from J​.​A​.​W​.​S. by Wonder Brown



Beat by Theory Hazit, Guitar by Scott Williams


J.A.W. of Life

Say goodbye,

It’s just another wonderful life that all started with no water left to harbor in/tears flowing freely all around, but I’m hollow in/side, in stride the fact I’m swallowing the pride/my love’s boxed in and I’m following the line/pall-bearing all the pain and sorrow in/no form of faith to place wasteful wallowing/the why’s and what for’s in form of sullen whim/the cries of anguish, language hollering/for my pain to subside, and sigh, saying I’m tired of trying to fight, praying for my calling/calling Him for a new start, startling how I/could just kill all this time bottled in/bottling my lies to save face, like Solomon/bottle in my cries straight faced and falling in/line, where real men mourn that God’ll end the fight/against his own heart and call within for signs/these desperate times are always gonna send the light/another buried, another modeling the Life/where death is as common as water/when the Life of one ends, another begins again/the Life, started with no water left to harbor in’s a sign/to let go the flow and start again…

She was just another wonderful Life that all started with no water left to harbor in/no father, a mother, two brothers, and something as sovereign/as a heart that robs her with feelings, still fostering/doubt, guilt, shame, pride that built up her posturing/wondered all these years what Life was like with fathering/but nevermind, there ain’t the time for wallowing/bothering a present with a past she had no problem in/cautioning herself that emotion wasn’t causing him/to hop on in and come back, run back a raucous in/how her mother kept him out the picture, now polishing/her cuffed up feet, now scuffed up, cobbled in/a shoe she ain’t choose, born to lose in his following/footsteps falling in, hoofs left hollowed in/the destiny of many of our youth left hobbling/proof probably pouring out of each pore, swore she had a reach towards water on a beach for swallowing/but all she felt was salt stored, hollow in a state left groveling/just another wonderful maroon ship harbored in martyrdom…

Theirs was just another wonderful Life that all started with no water left to harbor in/her water broke after when they met broke, swallowing/two bottles of Heineken/chasing the vodka in/seeing each other at alcoholic’s anonymous/hoping for some kind of fresh start in a lotto win/just met a couple of days ago and decided then/they were meant to be together, meant for something more/than hording a street corner/nearest the liquor store/more than coincidence, more than an incidence of chance and circumstance/planned in advance, with inference of a purpose/still nervous/still learning, and if God heard this in his service/with wheels turning/not even sure if it’s how He surfaced/they kneel first to be a sign to these street churches/the real worship is/not in the heart of the city, but heart of man/and there’s no fear in following what you don’t understand/this broke man standing with a babe in his hands, that could be taken away in the blink of a glance/cause you’re not sewn to the earth, you’re sewn to his plans/and you’re not broke cause you’re hurt, you’re broke cause you can/be fixed, sewn back and worth more than they understand/yeah, with no water left to harbor in, you’re stuck in the sand/but you’re not sewn to the earth, you’re sewn to His plans/and there’s no fear in following what you don’t understand/yo, you’re not sewn to the earth, you’re sewn to his plans, and there’s no fear in following what you don’t understand, my man…


from J​.​A​.​W​.​S., released March 15, 2013


all rights reserved



Scribbling Idiots Cincinnati, Ohio

JustMe, Cas Metah, Elias, Mouf Warren, MattmaN, ReFlex the Architect, Theory Hazit, Wonder Brown, MP Ancient, Sebastian Hochstein, Ruffian

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