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Blast Off ft. Tragedy Khadafi

by JustMe & Cas Metah

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This one’s for Vegas! Jahaz, the gods bang this Blast off, the mask off. We not strangers And No amount of scripted doubt could change this In a world full of lies love is dangerous So, Soldiers please hold and squeeze Pray with eyes open. Fuck folding knees defund police...Don’t at me Jake from state harm in black, blue and khaki Facts B! That’s exactly why I do this On the ides of March I’m a play Brutus When the skies are dark I do unto Judas Oh, I mean Julius Caesar, don’t let him fool yas The anti empire scan and enquire Ran through bent wire. Plant and then fire Scram but then sire fam but when tired man may expire. The damned ascend higher Ya messing with the best there is Metah move state to state like western winds Respect the gift ‘fore you left dead in the street with a droop to ya jaw like a Pelicans beak With little to small effort I’m killing this raw record Call the Paul bearer I’m burying y’all next to the rest of the debts I settled Vets I wetted Check my weapon still SI repping Fully loaded holsters Pulling out the toasters Gotta have a good spread like my toast does told ya 04 told ya 08 It’s the new ‘93 sorry we so late But, the wait (weight) is over like an obese child Look like a scene from Blow ya see the dope we pile Our wordplay visual, murder case with syllables This is what you get when a hurricane spit at you A-yo Duel seats in a Lexus styles is ambidextrous Testosterone full blown but not a sexist Ride 'til my exodus spit with a death wish Mics I transform on them foul until I'm breathless Let's get into my history My story not a mystery cross breeds produce the illest seeds Rappers by killing me with they false imagery Delete them from the YouTube page hit them with penalties I got the remedies and cures for the bullshit Blow louder than four fifths when they spit But that's the basics I regulate this Escape the law like Frank Mathews with a face lift Aim guns at the Pope and stick the Vatican Rock the game to sleep overdose on Ambien's Aim guns at the Pope and stick the Vatican Rock the game to sleep overdose on Ambien's


released March 1, 2023

Beat by Anno Domini
Scratches by Tobotius
Mixed by D1


all rights reserved



Scribbling Idiots Cincinnati, Ohio

JustMe, Cas Metah, Elias, Mouf Warren, MattmaN, ReFlex the Architect, Theory Hazit, Wonder Brown, MP Ancient, Sebastian Hochstein, Ruffian

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