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Beat by Qlas Beats, Keys and Additional Percussion by Wonder Brown


Coffin Grin

Verse 1:
Lost in the shuffle of your Broadway rebuttal/selling yourself out to the posh life, and puzzled/how it all falls fast when you cautionly cuddled/up to nobody special, while everybody’s struggle/crawled into your Yoohoo/who you know wasn’t the apple of your Juice Crew/coo-coo-cachooed ‘til that caboose went choo, choo, choo/chugga cause you thought you were too fool proof/for Cocoa Puffs, next time a Fruity Loop/ask God what happened to the Jujy-Fruit/Jesus, thought you knew/guess it was worse that that trap was also boobied too/threw you for the loopty loop/skipped to the lump in your throat when you stooped for few/and fell short/next time you reach out to touch someone, Son/ know what the hell for…

Chorus 1:
Father, where your daughter been?
Step away from the altar ‘fo you give a false offering
Looking back at the past got you salty
Just imagine the cost flossing your Coffin Grin…

Seems like a Sunday morning, overcast and hanging low
Another Passover portion, the kinda cold that stole your soul
Still wonder where your joy been, ain’t been seen since she had to pass go
A Coffin Grin won’t tell her story, while we’re baptized and laying low…

Verse 2:
Hanging at the cross, like some brothers on the corner/is a common misconception of a common disorder/common sense tells that two intersect/to border four parts of your “neck”/but fall short for the fifth part/the common ground you bought on borrowed time/similar but the not the same to your bottom line/something called collateral created to call yours mine/mine like numb to collective common eye/crossed from too many calling themselves “common-like” one minute/the next they’re screaming “God’s divine”/elect, scheduled as special from God’s design/appointed to reveal what’s been allotted time/Good God, that’s a sign/that there’s certainly not much common between your god and I…

Chorus 2:
Father, where your Son been
Step away from the altar ‘fo you leave your wunderkind
Got your reflection often wondering
If Heaven comes knocking on your Coffin Grin…

Bridge repeats


from J​.​A​.​W​.​S., released March 15, 2013


all rights reserved



Scribbling Idiots Cincinnati, Ohio

JustMe, Cas Metah, Elias, Mouf Warren, MattmaN, ReFlex the Architect, Theory Hazit, Wonder Brown, MP Ancient, Sebastian Hochstein, Ruffian

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